Charlotte Lorraine's Consignment Boutique

Offering in-store pickup

Betty McCarty of Glenburn is living the dream she had when she was 18 years old. Three years ago, she opened Charlotte Lorraine’s, a consignment shop at 15 Perkins St., just off Hammond Street in Bangor. The shop is named after McCarty’s mother, Charlotte Lorraine Curtis.
— The Bangor Daily News, April 8th, 2014

A Dream

“My mother encouraged me for years to do this. I wanted to open a store right when I got out of high school,” McCarty said. But, as sometimes happens, life intervened, and her dream was put on hold while she raised a family and got some experience in a family business.

Betty is especially proud of the store as her artistic creation, which she started from scratch and has grown through trial and error, and continues to populate with looks that inspire her.


Now, Charlotte Lorraine's is a thriving consignment boutique featuring labels such as Talbot’s, American Eagle, Chico’s, J. Crew, Ann Taylor, LL Bean,  Dooney and Burke, Coach and Vera Bradley. It sells clothing for women of all sizes and styles.

The store's large, open space with plenty of natural light allow the pieces in the store to shine, as Betty and her employees customize outfits to best reflect the items for sale.